How Not To Be Like The Dallas Cowboys in Business (On The Field Only)

It’s hard to be a Dallas Cowboys fan and it’s been that way for over the past decade. Around Valley Ranch there is a climate and spirit of mediocrity and being okay with that aka “moral victories.” Don’t let that mentality enter your business. Be your best and put your best into your business or you too will end the season 8-8.

As bad as they have been on the field, the business of the Dallas Cowboys has never been stronger. So here are a few business specific tips to teach you to be like Jerry Jones the business man and not Jerry Jones the President, CEO and GM of the Dallas Cowboys:

  • Go above and beyond for clients and customers.
  • Set and maintain expectations.
  • Read everything you can and when you can’t read even more. Become an expert in your industry.
  • Experiment and try new things. Don’t be comfortable with the status quo and don’t allow those that keep you there to be around your business.

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