20 Free Things You Can Do Today

By Gresham Harkless Jr.
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I finished giving 2 talks this past two weeks and I always try to give a handout with some free stuff that I figure might be interesting or relevant. Everyone loves FREE:

  1. Listen and engage on social media
  2. Check your onsite code – SEO (right click on your mouse and select view page source)
  3. Install Google Analytics on your site – monitor traffic and understand where people are coming from, how long they’re staying on your website
  4. Read this post with 16 free tools that you can use today – http://progreshion.com/16freetools
  5. Blog – Be consistent and can be just one post a month – SEO – Overall, focus on posting and providing content that does one of the following (1) Educates (2) Emotional Connection –laugh, cry, happy, motivates (3) Improves life – increases efficiency, saves time, provides an escape, etc. (4) Connect – provides an opportunity to connect with others or a medium to do this (e.g. a directory).
  6. Read/Watch these 2 posts on SEO – http://progreshion.ceopress.com/2014/12/29/3-places-to-show-up-on-the-1st-page-of-google/ & http://tips.ceoblognation.com/2014/12/29/shoot-show-3-sections-first-page-google/
  7. Claim your company name on all social media accounts & Sign up for Hootsuite (Snapchat, Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram) & Claim a Google Plus Listing and check out Alignable (it’s new but may provide some opportunity)– SEO/Social Media
  8. Make sure your website is mobile friendly – https://www.blue16media.com/googlemobilefriendly
  9. Visit CEO Blog Nation (http://www.ceoblognation.com), sign up for the newsletter and you will receive a free e-book. Also, enter whatever you are looking for in the search bar.
  10. Check your page speed – https://www.blue16media.com/googlespeedtest
  11. Sign up for the Free Business Blogging Course at startabusinessblog.com
  12. Schedule a time to do a interview/podcast at ceochat.co
  13. Visit blue16media.com and schedule a free consultation
  14. Visit hearpreneur.com/story and add your story to our list
  15. Write a guest post for CBNation cbnation.co/guest-post or any other site
  16. Define your avatar – target client/customer
  17. Join the Facebook Group for DMV CEO – https://www.facebook.com/groups/dmvceo/
  18. Answer these marketing questions about your business – https://www.blue16media.com/questions
  19. Visit the Blue 16 Corner for all things digital marketing – 16.ceoblognation.com
  20. Schedule a 1-2-1 (Coffee Chat/ Meeting/Consultation) with Gresham – www.progreshion.com/schedule
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