How Your Website Builder is Like McDonald’s & 5 Reasons Why You Should Reconsider Using Them

By Gresham Harkless Jr.
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Squarespace, Wix, Weebly and Godaddy Website Builders are all the rage. You've heard those commercials that promise you a 10,000 page website for $0.99. It still makes me cringe when I see the questions in those Facebook Groups from members that ask, "I'm starting my business and trying to choose between  and , which one ...

20 Free Things You Can Do Today

By Gresham Harkless Jr.
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I finished giving 2 talks this past two weeks and I always try to give a handout with some free stuff that I figure might be interesting or relevant. Everyone loves FREE: Listen and engage on social media Check your onsite code – SEO (right click on your mouse and select view page source) Install ...

6 Reasons Local Business Owners Should Blog

Business owners have a huge opportunity at their fingertips and that’s because social media and the internet has made it easier to have a direct relationship with the consumer. At no other time in history have business owners had the opportunity to directly communicate with their target clients and customers. While “blogging” is not the ...