Apply to the Dynamic DC Mastermind Group

Apply to the Dynamic DC Mastermind Group! We are looking for full-time entrepreneurs and business owners to apply to the group. It's not a networking group just a group to collaborate with likeminded individuals, hold each other accountable and brainstorm and work through problems. If you're interested, please see the application, FAQ and more information below. ...

3 Simple and Easy Steps to Get Started with Your Business Blog

Blogging is not a new phenomenon. It was introduced as a term in the late 90's but for entrepreneurs and business owners, it is just starting to become mainstream and be seen as a way to promote, brand and generate leads for your business. I think blogging is going to become more and more relevant in ...

Top 5 Blogging Platforms for Business Bloggers

Blogging has been around since the late 90's but if you haven't started your blog or maybe you are hoping to resurrect your blog, it's a great way to reach multiple goals such as generating leads, branding or SEO (marketing). With platforms such as Medium and even LinkedIn focusing more on blogging, it's a great opportunity ...

Check Out This FREE Business Blogging Course

Business Blogging is going to big this year. As more and more entrepreneurs launch their ventures and start websites blogging will become more and more important. I’ve went in depth about how 2016 is a great time to start a business blog, but the biggest question will be “How do I get started?

I have you covered, check out this free business blogging course at and get started today!

This course is great for…

  • ENTREPRENEURS – Entrepreneurs that are looking to create a brand for themselves, their products or services and trying leverage their blog.
  • STARTUPS – New businesses that are trying to determine how to develop a name and presence in the marketplace.
  • SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS – Business Owners who are not sure how to use blogging to connect with their target market and distinguish themselves from other local business.
  • CEOS – CEOs trying to grow and build their personal brand and want tell their story to aspiring CEOs.
  • BUSINESS EXPERTS – Experts in the business field that aren’t sure how to showcase their expertise to a wide audience.

Why You Should Start Business Blogging in 2016

Business blogging is not a thing of the past, it's a thing of the present and the future. There are millions of blogs and blog posts across the internet and it's not an option to start one, it's a requirement. There have been numerous algorithm changes to Google search which are prompting business owners, entrepreneurs, startup ...

How to Get a Domain

By Gresham Harkless Jr.
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Typically it's one of the first questions that I have. Do you have your domain name? Sometimes I might even ask it instead of a person's actual name (just kidding) but it is one of the first steps a business owners should take. I decided to give a quick link you can click to get your domain. If ...